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Apart from those in the capital city, there are less than 800 hotels, motels and lodging houses in the whole of Myanmar and most of them have less than 50 rooms. In this context, consider 2 million tourists expected within the next year alone. The fact that more international businesses are rushing to this new democracy doesn't help the situation, either.

The resultant deficit in hotel accommodation has sent up room rates sky-rocketing and hotel investors racing to Myanmar.

Different interest groups will point the potential investor in different directions. More hotels are needed everywhere but the question remains ... What is the best choice of location or hotel category for the long-term benefit of the investor and the industry and the community?

Who WILL or CAN tell you what you really need to know?


If you are looking to capitalize on Myanmar's rapid tourism boom and invest in its capacity-strapped hospitality industry, we can tell you that you are on the right track. Before you plunge into this little-known business territory, however, there are things you had better learn from real professionals who have both intimate local knowledge and industry savvy.


If you are planning to branch into hotels and suppose that taking advantage of Myanmar's rise in the industry could be a good start, that makes a lot of business sense. To bring that aspiration to fruition, however, you had better work with professionals with experience on the grounds who can make things happen.


If you own a hotel in Myanmar, you don't need us to let you in on the potential of the market as you must be enjoying all the benefits.

Or are you really doing so?

Based on our insider information as veteran operators ​in this particular country, we can tell you most hotels are leaving money on the table. We can help you put all yours in your pockets.




If you are planning not just one hotel in Myanmar but a chain of hotels and wish to build up your own corporate office to manage your new hotel chain, we can help you do it yourself in the best way possible or we can do it for you. We will set up the company and recruit the right people and train those you want trained.

A hotel opening is not just an opening as many hotel owners seem to think, it is the start of a new business, a pivotal business launching.

If you have a new hotel or renovated one that you want to open, we can offer our expertise and insight to make your hotel opening what it should be.

If you are branching into hotel business but need to concentrate on your main revenue generator, one of the best options would be to hire a hotel management company. If you think you know better than to let your property be used to promote others' brand, please know that we can manage your property under your own brand. We will build up YOUR OWN BRAND for you.

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