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Do you know what great opportunities Myanmar's recent democratization has created for hospitality investors? If you own a hotel in Myanmar, do you realize you may be missing a great opportunity?


PragmaPro is a management company specializing in hotel management and consulting services.

Our executives have a profound understanding of local business environment and intimate knowledge of issues facing investors in Myanmar.

We have incomparable breadth and depth of knowledge to provide the best practical advice available in the industry


Our mission is to deliver strong financial results for investors and hotel owners through a successful operating strategy that combines rigorously optimized operations and an integrated marketing approach.

PragmaPro aims to become the ultimate source for hotel owners and investors in Myanmar and the hotel operator of choice for the investor and the community.


  • Hospitality Investment Strategy & Organization
  • Hotel Development Consulting
  • ​Hospitality Branding
  • Hotel Pre-opening Management
  • ​Hotel Management
  • Corporate Development
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